For the past six months I’ve been struggling with dry, damaged and dead hair. I’ve tried so many different hair masks and remedies but nothing has seemed to work. I recently just purchased Unite’s famous U’Oil and I can’t say enough about this product. Usually any kind of oil based product makes my fine hair extremely flat but with u-oil it’s so light I can use about 3-4 pumps in my hair and be fine. My hair has finally felt soft and it’s actually starting to grow!! Highly recommend making the investment!
Before going to cosmetology school, I had never really thought about the kind of shampoo I was using, all I cared about what how good it smelled. I was perfectly content with only spending $8 on a simple Meijer brand shampoo. I mean, the cheaper the better right? Well, after learning about how important it is to be using a good shampoo (especially if you color your hair often) I decided to research and ask around which brand would be best for me. For a while I was using Paul Mitchell and it never really seemed to do much for me. So I just recently invested in the Pureology Hydrate shampoo and it has done wonders for my hair. Not to mention it smells fantastic. My hair finally feels and looks so healthy! I can’t express enough how important it is to use the right products on your hair. Make the investment, it’s so worth it!!
I’ve been using this hairspray for a while now and all I can say is nothing compares! I’ve always had super fine hair with little to no volume at all. Whenever I curl my hair I have to always finish with this hairspray. It makes me feel like I have so much more hair than I do and who doesn’t love big hair? When I apply the hairspray I never spray it directly on my hair. Instead, I spray it on my hand first then fluff it into my hair. I found that if I spray it directly on my head I end up using way too much and then my hair is stuck in place and ends up looking too greasy. So use with caution!!
If you love texture, volume and fullness then texturize is for you. It’s the perfect substitute to use if you don’t like using hairspray as much. It doesn’t have as strong of a hold but it gives your hair so much texture. I love to just spray this all over my head after curling and then brush my fingers through. Gives the perfect beachy hair look!



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