First Day of Spring

It’s the first day of spring but in Michigan it’s still not feeling like it. I’m Bundeld up in my heavy pea coat, knee highs and cozy plaid scarf. Even though it’s springtime you can catch me wearing black anytime of the year. Not to mention my black Calvin Klein prescription sunnies. If you’re blind like me I highly recommend getting your sunglasses prescribed. It makes live ten times eaiser! I cannot wait for warmer weather. Hurry up Michigan!! 

Warmer Weather Calls For Cuter Clothes

It was the absolute perfect day last week for shooting my springtime looks. All thanks to the ever so talented Abbey Mollitor. I’ve already pulled out the spring time hats and shoes. I’m loving my new black ballet flats from DSW. Found them on clearance for only $15 so I had to get them. Also loving my burgundy top hat from Nordstrom. It gives this outfit a perfect pop of color. Instead of going with all black pants, (which I typically would) I decided to go with the faded grey pant to give it a brighter look. DSC_3344DSC_3272DSC_3342DSC_3368

How To Get The Perfect Beach Waved Look

Recently the more messy, tousled and beach wave look has been in. So here is a step by step guide on how to get the perfect beach wave! 

1. After washing hair, condition with Avedas Damage Control and U-Oil. Then rough dry hair to about 80%. After rough drying, use a round brush to smooth out the ends.

2. Section hair into three sections. Use a 1 3/4 inch curler for the bottom two sections and with each piece curl away from the face.

3. For the top section use a small wand while still continuing to curl away from the face

4. When finished curling, let the curls sit for about five minutes and then spray with Amika’s dry shampoo to add texture. 

5. To finish the look, spray with hairspray and fluff up the curls. Voila you are done!! 

Kanela Breakfast Club

If you’re ever in Chicago I highly consider making a pit stop for breakfast at Kanela. It is by far the best breakfast food I’ve had. They typically have a wait especially on the weekends but it’s so worth it! I always start out with the strawberry and orange juicer to drink. It’s their famous freshly squeezed fruit drink. Zach always gets a cup of their vanilla iced coffee and it’s also extremely good. To eat, I get the same thing every time which is eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast. Even their toast is delicious. The butter they put on it tastes like a vanilla cinnamon goodness. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu! 

Strange Matter Coffee Shop Review

Today I decided to visit one of my local coffee shops to clear my head and focus on brainstorming new blog post ideas. I ordered one of their chai lattes and it was hands down the best I’ve ever had. Also, how cute is that coffee mug? The atmosphere is a very laid back, hipster feel and a perfect place to study. The weather today had me feeling like it was springtime too! Cannot wait for warmer weather so I can explore the city of Lansing more.

My Valentine

This Valentine’s Day Zachary treated me to an amazing dinner at Bravo along with getting my nails done. He also surprised me with these gorgeous flowers. How cute is he? However, Valentine’s Day to me isn’t all about the extravagant gifts and dinners some people make it out to be. It’s about really appreciating your loved one for everything they do to make you feel loved. I am extremely lucky to have Zach in my life and I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without him! He is such an amazing guy and I hope you all will find your Zachary one day:)


$10 Boots? YES PLEASE

dsc_3187With the amount of people who have asked me where I got these boots I figured I would share! I got them at Target over black Friday for only $10!! Can you believe that? I am absolutely obsessed with them. They go with just about any outfit and are perfect for the fall and winter. I was just at Target recently and saw another pair sitting on the rack. Hurry up and go get yours today before they’re all out!

The Perfect Top Knot

 Definitely my go to for seconds day hair. My hair usually gets oily pretty quick because of how fine it is. So whenever I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wash my hair I just throw it up in a simple top knot bun on my head. It’s so easy and you can easily dress it up with a full face of makeup and a cute outfit. I love to use my big sexy hairspray to spray it in place and push back any fly aways. Oh, and I also got my nails done yesterday so I just had to show them off!

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me


 So I figured since I just started out this blog you guys don’t know much about me so here are ten things about myself you probably didn’t know!
1. I LOVE exploring new cities/places
2. My love for animals (especially dogs) is out of this world
3. I’m not a sweets/desert person. Can you believe that?
4. My left foot is a half size smaller than my right
5. I’m the youngest child of three in my family
6. I love to laugh
7. I dealt with epilepsy up until I was 8 years old
8. I love Christian music
9. I have an obsession with collecting cute coffee mugs
10. I secretly eat way too much McDonalds

My go-to Foundation


Hands down my favorite foundation I’ve used to date. Definitely more on the pricey side (I think $34?) but has lasts me a little over a year! It’s very concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot at all. My skin can get somewhat dry in the winter and this foundation still doesn’t dry out my face even though it’s matte. My skin tone is pretty pale especially during the winter so I use the shade light honey beige . If you’re looking for a matte finish that does’t dry out your skin this Tarte foundation is definitely worth a try!